Chapter 326 - Arriving at the Qin Province

MGA: Chapter 326 - Arriving at the Qin Province

Within the Azure Province’s Valley of Hundred Bends, outside of the hall in the clouds, Jiang Han was quickly approaching. However, he did not enter the Spirit Formation outside of the hall without permission. With a face of respect, he stood on top of the clouds and said with a respectful tone, “Milord, I am Jiang Han, and I have come to pay you a visit.”

“Enter.” From within the temple hall, Jiang Hengyuan’s voice rang out. It was not high nor low; not light nor heavy.

Only then did Jiang Han dare to go forward. As he walked, all the protective layers were open. Even the door to the hall was opened.

Within the hall, Jiang Hengyuan was playing chess with another person. As for who that person was, it was naturally Qi Fengyang who was saved by Jiang Hengyuan that day.

“Finished?” Jiang Hengyuan did not look directly at Jiang Han. As he...

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