Chapter 3241 - Trapped In A Corner (Teaser)

Chapter 3241 - Trapped In A Corner

“Everything was done by me. It is unrelated to them. Let them go,” Chu Feng said.

“I think you still don’t understand what sort of situation you’re in.”

“The person in charge right now is me. As such, you simply do not possess the qualifications to talk about conditions with me.”

After Linghu Mingye finished saying those words, the corners of his lips suddenly rose.

It was an extremely sinister smile.

Seeing that smile, Chu Feng realized that the situation was bad, and that Linghu Mingye was planning to attack.


Suddenly, with a thought from Chu Feng, the Fire Qilin Armor on his body began to burn. At the same time, boundless flames began to burst forth and spread like volcanic lava.


However, right after the flames began...

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