Chapter 3239 - Filled With Confidence (Teaser)

Chapter 3239 - Filled With Confidence

“There are actually this many slaughtering formations in this place?!”

“This is not a trap set up by Chu Feng. Instead, this is a spirit formation of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light. Exactly what place will this lead to?”

“It would appear that I’ve struck gold.”

“Perhaps this place contains treasures that we have no knowledge of.”

Thinking of this, a cold grin appeared on Linghu Lun’s face.

He thought to himself, ‘That Chu Feng must’ve led me here to use the slaughtering formations here to kill me.’

“What naivety. And here I thought that Chu Feng was cunning and crafty, but it turns out he’s actually this foolish.”

“Although the slaughtering formations in this place are very powerful, I’m able to breach all of them. Bringing me here...

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