Chapter 3235 - Frantic Plunder (Teaser)

Chapter 3235 - Frantic Plunder

“I refuse to believe this!” Linghu Lun shouted. Then he flipped his palm, and a silver spear appeared in his hand.

The silver spear was five meters long. Its entire body was covered in runes and symbols.

As the runes and symbols on the silver spear rotated, the surrounding space started trembling.

The Immortal-level Martial Power hidden within heaven and earth was being controlled by the rotation of the silver spear.

That silver spear was an Immortal Armament, an actual Immortal Armament.

With that Immortal Armament in hand, Linghu Lun’s aura immediately grew explosively.

At that moment, Linghu Lun’s battle power was absolutely not that of a mere rank one Martial Immortal.

However, this was still not the end. Lightning began to surge toward Linghu Lun’s forehead. Then, a character ‘Heaven’ composed of lightning appeared on his forehead.

After the character ‘Heaven’...

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