Chapter 3217 - Within My Control (Teaser)

Chapter 3217 - Within My Control

“Oh no! Everyone, look at that! Look below! There’s another formation below us!”

“Heavens! The lightnings from that formation is simply too terrifying. What are we to do now? If that lightning is to strike us, we will undoubtedly be killed.”

At that moment, the newcomers at the entrance had also noticed the myriad of lightning that was emerging from below them. At that moment, panic filled the crowd.

The reason for that was because they felt fatal danger from the lightning.

If they were struck by that lightning, they might really end up dying.

“Haha. You see that? Did you all see that?”

“Didn’t I say not to follow that Chu Feng? Do you believe me now?”

“How could Chu Feng, a mere individual, possibly be able to contend against...

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