Chapter 3208 - Wuma Heavenly Clan (Teaser)

Chapter 3208 - Wuma Heavenly Clan

Controlling the crimson dragon, Chu Feng collided in battle with the Holy Spirit Beast.

Within the spirit formation’s containment, martial power exploded in succession, bringing forth surging energy ripples capable of toppling heaven and earth.

Being kept outside by the spirit formation, the crowd became extremely excited as they watched the battle. It was as if they themselves were engaged in battle too.

That said, the area where the battle was happening was simply filled with devastation. The crowd were simply unable to see the battle clearly. They were only able to sense the enormous might of the battle and exclaim in admiration at how terrifying it was.

That said, even with that being the case, they were still filled with expectation and excitement.

As for the reason why, it was purely because the battle concerned whether or not they would be able to enter the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.

Moreover, at that moment, they were all able to, to a greater or lesser degree, sense that even though the Holy Spirit Beast was very powerful, it was no match for the crimson dragon controlled...

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