Chapter 320 - The Fusion of Ice and Fire

MGA: Chapter 320 - The Fusion of Ice and Fire

“Ancestor.” Turning his head around to look, Chu Feng discovered that it was the Azure Dragon Founder. As he clapped, he walked towards him and there was even a smile of admiration hung on his face.

Radiance shot in all directions from the Azure Dragon Founder’s body and he was completely different than normal consciousnesses. It was as if he was still truly living with extremely horrifying power hidden within his body.

“Impressive! My Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens was originally a martial skill with Heaven power based as the root, so normally, only people in the Heaven realm should be able to learn it.”

“Although I hypothesized that if one’s Spirit power was extremely strong, they could specially concentrate, control, and even use their Profound power. But I never would have thought that you would be to reach that stage while only being in the Origin realm with only Origin power pregnant in...

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