Chapter 3192 - The Truth About The Past (Teaser)

Chapter 3192 - The Truth About The Past

At that moment, black gaseous flames were emitted from Bai Liluo’s body. Her expression became increasingly ugly. Then, with a ‘putt,’ she knelt on the ground.

Bai Liluo became extremely weak. It was not only her; that black silhouette also became extremely weak.

However, after a while, that black silhouette actually flew out from Bai Liluo’s body and returned to Chu Feng’s side.

Upon landing, the black silhouette made the same sort of movement as Bai Liluo. It was as if the two of them were synchronized with one another.


Seeing the black silhouette, Bai Liluo revealed an astonished look. She then asked, “You’re actually capable of separating yourself from me after fusing with me???”

The black silhouette did not answer...

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