Chapter 3181 - That Female World Spirit (Teaser)

Chapter 3181 - That Female World Spirit

After continuing on some more, the screams and roars from those monsters began to be heard from behind Chu Feng. Furthermore, those screams and roars were growing weaker and weaker.

Chu Feng knew that he must’ve gradually distanced himself from the region where those monsters were sealed.

That said, even after the screams and roars from the monsters completely disappeared, Bai Liluo was still slowly proceeding onward. She showed no sign of stopping.

Chu Feng had no idea exactly where Bai Liluo was planning to go. That said, he did not ask her about it, but instead continued to quietly follow her.

Just like that, the two of them journeyed for a very long time before Bai Liluo suddenly stopped.

“We’re here,” Bai Liluo said.

“We’re here?” Chu Feng felt surprised.

The reason for that was because that place was still pitch-black. He was still only able to see out to a distance of...

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