Chapter 3179 - Strange Silhouette (Teaser)

Chapter 3179 - Strange Silhouette

“Very well, let us set off then,” Bai Liluo said.

“We’re leaving already?” Chu Feng was surprised. He had not expected Bai Liluo to be this hurried.

“You have something to take care of?” Bai Liluo asked with a frown on her face. It would appear that she was truly hurried.

“Nothing really. However, I can’t just leave like this, no? I must inform my clansmen first.”

“Moreover, the people from the Dongguo Heavenly Clan deliberately came to my aid. I still haven’t greeted them. Thus…”

“Enough, I got it.”

Before Chu Feng could finish, Bai Liluo cast a impatient glance at him. Then, Chu Feng felt his surroundings turning fuzzy again. When everything returned to normal, he had returned to the main city’s city walls.

Not only were the Chu Heavenly Clansmen still present, but the Mighty Dongguo Duo were also still present.

However, Bai Liluo did not reveal herself. Chu...

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