Chapter 3174 - The Appearance Of The Mighty Duo (Teaser)

Chapter 3174 - The Appearance Of The Mighty Duo

“Trash that does not know the immensity of the heaven and earth, who gave you the courage to act so condescending and arrogant?!” Qingyu Fengming pointed at Chu Feng. He was so furious his face had turned ashen.

He wanted to scare Chu Feng witless. Only by doing so would he be able to ease the anger in his heart.

However, Chu Feng just so happened to be unmoved by his intimidation. Even when facing the Dragon and Tiger Brothers, he was still calm and composed.

Qingyu Fengming found this truly intolerable. In fact, he was at a loss as to how to handle Chu Feng.

“Little brother Fengming, you don’t have to get angry with someone like him. Allow us to handle the rest.”

Qingyu Yunlong patted Qingyu Fengming’s shoulder...

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