Chapter 316 - Returning a Present

MGA: Chapter 316 - Returning a Present

After coming out of the treasury, he did not rush to leave that area. Instead, he carefully strolled around the Lingyun School because from the words “luring the tiger to leave the mountain”, he got some information out of them.

He wanted to confirm to see whether the old guy Yan Yangtian returned to the Lingyun School or not. If he didn’t, then he could cause huge chaos in the Lingyun School because other than Yan Yangtian, there was no one who could threaten, or even stop, the current Chu Feng within the Lingyun School.

“Ahh, I wonder if Lord School Head and the others arrived at the Azure Dragon School now or not and how the battle situation is.”

“This time, pretty much all the experts of my Lingyun School were sent and all of them rode away on top-quality White-headed Eagles. Looking at the time,...

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