Chapter 3158 - Invasion From The Chu Heavenly Clan (Teaser)

Chapter 3158 - Invasion From The Chu Heavenly Clan

The Burnfield Monstrous Clan’s territory resembled a paradise. Beautiful scenery filled it completely.

However, in terms of being the most eye-catching, it would be their main city.

That vast main city was not a dazzling city covered in gold and jade. However, it was an extremely majestic city, a city filled with magical airs.

Towers that penetrated through the clouds were arranged in a formation. There were palaces that could be used to train in that were activating some sort of unknown formation.

This city was simply a spectacle.

That said, that majestic city was not constructed by the Burnfield Monstrous Clan.

It was instead constructed by people from the Chu Heavenly Clan. Merely, the flag on the...

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