Chapter 3111 - Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm (Teaser)

Chapter 3111 - Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm

“They’ve really gone insane. Furthermore, apart from Exalted Sacred Tiger and Exalted Sacred Deer, there was another person that had also gone insane,” Aunt Blackface said.

“Who?” Exalted Heavenly Fate asked.

“Murdergod Blue Demon,” Aunt Blackface said.

“Murdergod Blue Demon?” Hearing that name, Exalted Heavenly Fate revealed a pensive look. With a low voice, he asked, “You discovered them together?”

“No, they were not discovered together. However, they were all discovered in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm,” Aunt Blackface said.

“Have you brought them back?” Exalted Heavenly Fate asked.

“This subordinate has already brought them back,” Aunt Blackface said.

“Bring me to them,” Exalted Heavenly...

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