Chapter 3109 - Heavenly Fate Stage’s Heavenly Fate Palace (Teaser)

Chapter 3109 - Heavenly Fate Stage’s Heavenly Fate Palace

Upper Realms; two hundred thirty-two in total.

Ordinary Realms; three thousand six hundred sixty-eight in total.

Lower Realms; a hundred and three thousand two hundred and twenty-six in total.

The Upper Realms, Ordinary Realms and Lower Realms, each and every one of them, were planetary stars floating in the vast starry sky.

Those hundred thousand-plus stars formed a Starfield.

That Starfield was the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

In the Ancestral Martial Starfield, all of the planetary stars were ruled by various powers. Only a small number of planetary stars did not belong to any power of influence, and were not under the administration of the Starfield Master Realm.

Among these was a planetary star by the name of Heavenly Fate Planet. Heavenly Fate Planet belonged to a single person.

That person was called Exalted Heavenly Fate.

It was...

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