Chapter 3106 - Netherworld Royal Clan

Chapter 3106 - Netherworld Royal Clan

“What’s there to panic about?”

“Are we unable to survive just because Chu Feng has left?”

“Even though Chu Feng has left, there’s still me and Wushang. All of you, move back. No matter what sort of thing that monster might be, I will be able to eradicate it,” Zhang Tianyi spoke loudly.

“You, eradicate it? What makes you think you’re capable of that? Even your cultivation was granted by it. How could you possibly eradicate it?”

“That’s right. Everyone, don’t listen to his boastings. Quickly, run away! Take advantage of the fact that the monster has yet to appear and flee from this place!”

Once someone called out for the people to flee, the panicky crowd were immediately awakened. Like a flock of startled...

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