Chapter 3099 - Strange Volcano (Teaser)

Chapter 3099 - Strange Volcano

Lady Piao, Qiushui Fuyan, Chun Wu and the others were all overjoyed by Chu Feng’s return.

They stopped all their business and began to wholeheartedly accompany Chu Feng.

As they chatted, they began to ask Chu Feng about what sort of place the Outer World was.

Chu Feng was able to tell how much they missed him. This was especially true for Lady Piaomiao. Perhaps because she was growing older, she was missing the people close to her even more now. Even though she did not say anything, Chu Feng was able to tell that she wanted him to stay longer.

As such, Chu Feng decided to stay in the Misty Peak for a few days.

Whilst staying in the Misty Peak, Chu Feng learned that a sacred cultivation ground had been discovered in...

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