Chapter 3097 - The Girl On The Misty Peak (Teaser)

Chapter 3097 - The Girl On The Misty Peak

After Chu Feng and that inner court disciple chatted for some time, Chu Feng entered the Azure Dragon School. However, after entering the Azure Dragon School, Chu Feng did not stay for long.

The reason for that was because he received news that Chu Guyu, Chu Yue and the others from the Chu Family, as well as Azure Dragon Founder Li Zhangqing, Zhuge Liuyun, the Monstrous Monkey King and all the other familiar seniors of Chu Feng were not in the Azure Dragon School.

Reportedly, they had already left for the Holy Land of Martialism. Furthermore, they had been gone for some time now. They had left in order to enhance their pursuit of martial cultivation. That said, as to exactly how they...

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