Chapter 3090 - Returning To The Lower Realm (Teaser)

Chapter 3090 - Returning To The Lower Realm

Suddenly, Her Lady Queen’s voice was heard. After finding out about the truth, she was not as undisturbed and calm like Chu Feng. Instead, Her Lady Queen became very angry. “Pah! Lot of thoughts my ass! He is simply heartless!”

“Although your mother also did not look after you, she at least sealed this Queen in your body. As for your father, he truly pushed you into dangers with no regard. If it wasn’t for your own capabilities, you might really be dead already.”

She sighed. “Men. Sometimes they are truly frighteningly selfish.”

Hearing Her Lady Queen’s angry voice, Chu Feng chuckled lightly.

He knew very well that Her Lady Queen was only so angry because she felt sorry for him.

“You’re still laughing? Your father deceived you!”

“Furthermore, even if he had no way to keep you by his side, you would’ve been able to have this old man raising you.”

“Yet, your father decided to toss you into that Ancestral Martial Lower Realm and have you grow up by yourself....

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