Chapter 3080 - There Can Never Be Too Much Deception In War

Chapter 3080 - There Can Never Be Too Much Deception In War

After taking out his Immortal Armament, Chu Feng placed it directly across his chest, right in front of the location where Li Anzhi’s incoming attack would strike.

This scene confused everyone. Even the experts of the older generation were unable to understand exactly what Chu Feng and Li Anzhi were trying to do.

Chu Feng was using an Immortal Armament that he could not use to protect himself, whereas Li Anzhi was trying to attack Chu Feng knowing full well that he would likely not be able to cause any injury to Chu Feng. This confrontation between them served no purpose at all.


Right at that moment, golden veined patterns suddenly appeared on Li Anzhi’s body. The veined patterns originated from his chest, and instantly covered his entire body. The veined patterns were glistening with golden light. Even though Li Anzhi was wearing clothes, one could still see them clear...

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