Chapter 3064 - Li Clan’s War Chariot (Teaser)

Chapter 3064 - Li Clan’s War Chariot

“This… could it be the Fire Qilin Armor?”

Upon seeing the red armor, the crowd’s eyes all started to shine. Even Chu Hanpeng revealed an astonished expression.

The Fire Qilin Armor was an extremely precious treasure.

All of the people in the Ancestral Martial Starfield that had experience and knowledge had all heard of the Fire Qilin Armor.

Wearing the Fire Qilin Armor, no one apart from experts at the Heavenly Immortal realm or above would be able to bring harm upon the wearer.

Furthermore, it was said that the Fire Qilin Armor also possessed intelligence. If one were able to make the Fire Qilin Armor recognize them as its master, the Fire Qilin Armor would fuse with them.

At that time, not to mention experts below Heavenly Immortal cultivation, even Heavenly Immortal-level experts would not be able to cause any harm to the Fire Qilin Armor’s master. In fact, even when fighting against Martial Immortals, the Fire Qilin Armor would still be able to protect its master’s life.

But that was just a rumor. The Fire Qilin...

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