Chapter 3055 - The Man Inside The Gate (Teaser)

Chapter 3055 - The Man Inside The Gate

After the eight members of the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generation entered the Upper Realm Gate, they quickly started flying deeper into it.

“Why would that Li Ruochu have such great speaking rights?”

“Not only did she look for Li Yue’er and bring her back into the clan after she returned, but she even sent Li Yue’er into our Li Heavenly Clan’s Grand Training Formation that would open once every thirty years.”

“One must know that only a single person can enter that Grand Training Formation. Furthermore, it is something that people can only fight over once every thirty years.”

“Yet, that Li Ruochu managed to obtain that opportunity to train in the Grand Training Formation for Li Yue’er that easily. It’s simply too unconv...

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