Chapter 3054 - Li Ruochu (Teaser)

Chapter 3054 - Li Ruochu

“What others will do is their business. It does not mean that our Li Heavenly Clan should act like others,” That old man said.

“Humph, you are truly soft-hearted,” The old lady was extremely displeased. She then turned to those eight people of the younger generation, “What are you all standing there for? Quickly, enter it.”

Right after that old lady said those words, that old man said, “Wait! Since when has this old man allowed you all to enter?”

At that moment, the old lady grew furious. She shouted at the old man, “Exactly what are you trying to do?!”

“Even if the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations are to enter it and destroy the main formation, they will only be able...

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