Chapter 3046 - A Crack (Teaser)

Chapter 3046 - A Crack

The Elf Clan’s Sacred Ground was as Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi had described, and possessed a special sort of restrictive power.

Being inside it, one would not only be unable to fly, but one’s power would also be greatly restricted.

That said, Chu Feng was, after all, a Heavenly Immortal. Thus, while he was unable to fly, his body was still very robust.

Thus, even though he was facing an extremely deep ravine, Chu Feng landed at the bottom of the ravine with a mere leap.

“This feeling,” upon landing at the bottom, Chu Feng’s expression changed.

He actually noticed some abnormal behavior from a treasure within his Cosmos Sack.

Chu Feng immediately took out a bracelet from his Cosmos Sack.

The bracelet he took out was extremely shabby. It was...

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