Chapter 2822 - Loyalty Three Brothers

Chapter 2822 - Loyalty Three Brothers


The Yuwen City’s City Master clenched his fist. Then, martial power started to extend from his clenched fist. In the blink of an eye, his martial power turned into a blade.

That blade was composed of actual Immortal-level martial power. Thus, it was extremely powerful.

The Yuwen City’s City Master handed that martial power blade to Yuwen Tingyi, “Son, I’ll leave this Li Xiang to you.”

Yuwen Tingyi received the blade and then aimed it at Li Xiang. He began to fiddle with the blade, and then abruptly sliced toward Li Xiang’s neck with it.

That blade was made up of a Martial Immortal’s martial power.

Even though Yuwen Tingyi was already a cripple without cultivation, if that blade was to slice at Li Xiang’s neck, not only would Li Xiang be...

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