Chapter 2752 - What Is Fake Cannot Be Real

Chapter 2752 - What Is Fake Cannot Be Real

“Crystal Invitation Title Plate?”

Seeing the invitation title plate in his hand, Chu Feng was surprised. No matter how he looked at it, this invitation title plate did not resemble crystal. Instead, it was more like glass.

However, Li Xiang and his two companions’ reactions didn’t seem to be a pretense. It would appear that the invitation title plate Chu Feng possessed was quite extraordinary.

As they say, one can’t judge a person just by their appearance. It would appear that invitation title plates were the same.

“Brother, where did you obtain your Crystal Invitation Title Plate? Did the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan give that to you?”

Upon seeing Chu Feng’s invitation title plate, the other two men from the Sacred Pellet Villa immediately moved toward Chu Feng eagerly. There was a one-hundred and eighty degree change in their attitude. Likely, they had realized that Chu Feng was an extraordinary individual.

However, right at the moment when Chu Feng was about to answer them, Li Xiang said, “How could someone like him possibly...

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