Chapter 265 - School Founder (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 265 - School Founder

The Spiritual Medicine Mountain was a forbidden land. Only inner court disciples were allowed in there when the Spiritual Medicine Hunt happened every year. This year’s Spiritual Medicine Hunt just ended recently, and the Spiritual Medicine Mountain was at its strictest time so no one was allowed in.

However, that rule was completely useless in front of Chu Feng. Even if outsiders doubted Chu Feng’s strength, there would be no one who dared to doubt him within the Azure Dragon School. After all, on that day, they did indeed personally witness how Chu Feng beheaded Gong Luyun.

In addition to Chu Feng’s special status, who would even dare to block him? As long as Chu Feng said a few words, stating that he wanted to enter the Spiritual Medicine Mountain for a walk, the elder who guarded there...

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