Chapter 2616 - Two Grand Formations

Chapter 2616 - Two Grand Formations

“How could this be? That Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster actually mastered a demonic technique?”

At the moment when a great majority of the people were rejoicing, there were also people that grew furious and worried.

These people were naturally the ones that had stood behind Ying Mingchao earlier. They were people that were willing to betray their own powers to follow Ying Mingchao in taking on the Infant Soul Sect.

They all firmly believed the Infant Soul Sect to be a demonic sect. As such, they naturally hoped for Ying Mingchao to defeat the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly turned around and asked those people, “Everyone, are you all willing to help Senior Ying in this battle?”

“Of course,” The crowd answered in unison.

“In that case, let us all assist Senior Ying!!!”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he opened his arms, and a grand spirit formation was unleashed from his body.

Following that, Zi Xunyi also extended her arms. Another grand spirit formation appeared.

The two spirit formations overlayed one another. Soon, they started to fuse together. Most importantly, as Chu Feng and Zi Xunyi controlled that grand formation, it soon covered the people that had chosen to follow Ying Mingchao.

“Almsgiver Chu Feng, that spirit formation… could it be that we merely need to relax ourselves?”

At this moment, Grandmaster Pocket was unable to keep himself from asking that question. His tone was filled with astonishment.

As a world spiritist himself, he was able to sense how wondrous that spirit formation was. There was simply no need for them to do anything. Merely by relaxing themselves, they would be able to send their power into that spirit formation.

However, Grandmaster Pocket still wanted to verify with Chu Feng whether this was all they needed to do in order to help Ying Mingchao.

“Everyone, you all do not need to do anything special. It will do as long as you think about helping Senior Ying Mingchao.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he began to form hand seals with one hand. As for his other hand, he extended it toward Zi Xunyi.

Zi Xunyi was doing the same thing as Chu Feng. She too was forming hand seals with one hand and placed her other hand onto Chu Feng’s extended hand.

Immediately, boundless energy began to gather in the their joined palms. Then, Chu Feng and Zi Xunyi pointed their hands toward Ying Mingchao.

A beam of golden light shot out from their hands. Like a golden dragon galloping through the skies, it assimilated into Ying Mingchao’s body.

After that golden beam of light entered Ying Mingchao’s body, Ying Mingchao’s body started to blossom with golden light in addition to the dark green gaseous flames. 

Most importantly, Ying Mingchao’s aura had become much stronger. 

After his battle power increased, Ying Mingchao immediately managed to break away from the stalemate and gain the upper hand in his battle.

“Set up the formation!!!”

However, right at this moment, the people from the Infant Soul Sect actually also started to set up a formation. 

However, their formation was much simpler compared to Chu Feng and Zi Xunyi’s formation.

In fact, what they had set up simply could not be considered to be a grand formation. Instead, it was several tens of thousands of grand formations.

The reason for that was because each and every member of the Infant Soul Sect was a grand formation. Black gaseous flames were surging out from their bodies. Those black gaseous flames entered the sky and were assimilated into the black gaseous flames emitted by the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster that covered the vast sky.

At this moment, the black gaseous flames emitted by each and every person from the Infant Soul Sect were filled with infant cries. Those grand formations were all formed using the demonic technique that they’vdtrained. 

After the power from the Infant Soul Sect’s crowd assimilated into his gaseous flames, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster also grew more powerful. It actually looked like his strength could surpass Ying Mingchao’s.


Suddenly, a stream of blood splattered from Ying Mingchao’s left shoulder. The Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster had managed to penetrate Ying Mingchao’s left shoulder with his Ancestral Armament.

“Puu, puu, puu~~~”

Following that, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster waved his Ancestral Armament repeatedly. Frantically, he began to assault Ying Mingchao. Even though Ying Mingchao tried his best to block the majority of the attacks, he was still penetrated by the attacks three times.

Every single time Ying Mingchao was injured by the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster, the dark black gaseous flames entered Ying Mingchao’s body through the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster’s Ancestral Armament. 

Under this sort of situation, Ying Mingchao’s aura grew weaker and weaker.

In the end, not to mention fighting against the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster, Ying Mingchao did not even have the strength to continue flying.


With the situation being like this, Zi Xunyi was unable to continue standing idly. She removed herself from the grand formation that she had set up together with Chu Feng, grabbed her Ancestral Armaments and rushed toward the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

It was not only Zi Xunyi that rushed over. Many of the old subordinates from Hero City, as well as people from the other powers that had chosen to follow Ying Mingchao also rushed over.

Although Chu Feng did not rush over, he had secretly taken out his Evil God Sword.

He knew that, judging from the situation at hand, not to mention Zi Xunyi and the others, even if the allied army was still intact, they would still not be a match for the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

If they wanted to overcome this crisis today, then they could only rely on the Evil God Sword in his hand.


However, at this moment, an astonishing scene occurred. When Zi Xunyi and the others approached, not only did the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster not attack them, but he instead tossed the seriously-injured Ying Mingchao to Zi Xunyi.

When Zi Xunyi received Ying Mingchao, she was able to sense how serious his injuries were.

Although the injuries the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster left upon Ying Mingchao by piercing his body with his Ancestral Armament were merely superficial wounds, the dark black gaseous flames that had entered Ying Mingchao’s body were extremely frightening.

It was those dark black gaseous flames that had caused Ying Mingchao to become this weak.

“You damned demon, I will kill you!!!”

Zi Xunyi was so furious that her eyes turned red. Overflowing killing intent burst forth from her. Everyone present were capable of sensing that killing intent. She was truly furious, and wanted to kill the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

“I urge you to not try to attack me. The reason for that is because you are no match for me. As such, you are simply unable to gain your revenge.”

“Thus… it is best that you go and heal Ying Mingchao’s injuries instead,” The Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster said to Zi Xunyi. His tone was filled with contempt and mockery.

Right at this moment, Chu Feng, while holding the Evil God Sword in his hand, walked in the air and arrived beside Zi Xunyi.

Although Chu Feng did not reveal his anger as distinctively as Zi Xunyi did, the killing intent in his eyes was not at all weaker than Zi Xunyi’s. 

Merely, Chu Feng’s killing intent could only be felt by the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster, who Chu Feng was staring at. 

After sensing Chu Feng’s killing intent, that Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster was not only not afraid, but he even chuckled. “Chu Feng, this is the first time that we’ve met. That said, I have already heard about you.”

“Sure enough, your reputation is well-justified. The future of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm belongs to you.”

“Join us. Join our Infant Soul Sect. I am able to help you accelerate your growth.”

The Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster actually began to publicly invite Chu Feng to join them.

“Join you all? You want me to slaughter innocent infants with you all?” Chu Feng asked with a sneer.

“No, that won’t happen again. Our Infant Soul Grand Formation is already complete. There is no need to sacrifice children anymore. You can directly enjoy the results of our effort,” The Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster said.

“Did you think that I would believe you all?” As Chu Feng spoke, he raised the Evil God Sword in his hand.

“That’s a Demon Armament?!!!” Seeing that Chu Feng was planning to fight, many people revealed frightened expressions. 

After all, the Demon Armament that Chu Feng possessed that was capable of killing True Immortals had already become something that everyone knew about. 

If Ying Mingchao was the greatest danger, then Chu Feng would be the second greatest danger.

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