Chapter 244 - It's Actually Chu Feng (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 244 - It's Actually Chu Feng

“Who are they? They are all World Spiritists! There are even people wearing grey-coloured cloaks, so are they the legendary Grey-cloak World Spiritists? Why are there twenty? There are twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists!!”

A disciple who was slightly knowledgeable yelled out in surprise, and after that, more yells came out. Everyone who was on scene were stunned by the World Spiritists who had unknown origins.

The Six Protectors of the Azure Dragon School had black lines all over their foreheads and their hearts were filled with uneasiness. They were extremely afraid that the group of World Spiritists came there with malicious intents.

If it was said that a single second-rate school could be used by a White-cloak World Spiritist, then several first-rate schools could be used...

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