Chapter 2421 - Believe it or Not

Chapter 2421 - Believe it or Not

“Elder Shunlian, you want to personally kill Chu Feng?”

Hearing those words, the expression of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief changed. He truly never expected that Kong Shunlian would request to personally kill Chu Feng.

“As this matter concerns our clan’s continued existence, this subordinate is ready to put his life on the line,” Kong Shunlian said.

“Brother Shunlian, it is better that I take care of this matter,” Kong Moyu said.

Kong Moyu harbored hatred toward Chu Feng because of Chu Feng contradicting him. Thus… he wanted to personally kill Chu Feng.

“I have a plan that will allow us to kill Chu Feng and prevent others from speaking ill of our Kong Heavenly Clan,” Kong Shunlian said.

“What is it?” The Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

Actually, the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had come here to discuss the matter with his clansmen mainly because he was worried about two things.

Firstly, he was worried about that plain-clothed old monk supporting Chu Feng.

Secondly, Chu Feng was currently their Kong Heavenly Clan’s guest. If they were to kill Chu Feng directly in their Kong Heavenly Clan, it would most likely be talked about by others.

If Kong Shunlian really did possess a method to avoid others from speaking ill of their Kong Heavenly Clan, it would naturally be for the best.

“If we are to allow Chu Feng to leave, and then tail him to assassinate him, it might be possible that we will fail. After all, Chu Feng is an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, and Grandmaster Kai Hong’s successor. Perhaps he possesses abilities we do not know of.”

“Thus, I feel that it would be best to kill Chu Feng in our clan,” Kong Shunlian said.

“Indeed,” The crowd nodded to express their agreement.

“However, if we are to kill Chu Feng in our Kong Heavenly Clan, we will inevitably be talked about by others. Thus, I have a very simple plan. I will shoulder the blame,” Kong Shunlian said.

“You will shoulder the blame? How?” Kong Yuehua revealed a worried expression.

“Since Chu Feng wants to leave, we will let him leave. I can accompany him in the name of seeing him off. Then, on the way, I will kill him,” Kong Shunlian said.

“If that Chu Feng is to die while you are escorting him out, our Kong Heavenly Clan will definitely not be able to clear our involvement,” Kong Moyu said.

“I can put my own name on the line and shoulder the crime of killing him,” Kong Shunlian said.

“You absolutely mustn’t. If you are to do that, you will be chased after and killed by that plain-clothed old monk. Our Kong Heavenly Clan will not be able to keep you safe. Your entire life’s reputation will be ruined,” Kong Yuehua said.

“My life and reputation simply cannot be compared with the future of our Kong Heavenly Clan at all,” Kong Shunlian said.

“Brother Shunlian, in that case, you intend to bring Chu Feng and Wang Qiang out first. However, who can guarantee that you will not release them after bringing them out of the Kong Heavenly Clan?” Kong Moyu sneered.

“Then, are you suggesting that we must kill Chu Feng and Wang Qiang in our Kong Heavenly Clan, that we must have our Kong Heavenly Clan shoulder the reputation of being disloyal and unjust?” Kong Shunlian asked in return.

“That is naturally not my intention. Merely… I do not trust you.”

“After all, before this, you have defended Chu Feng many times. Even when Ruozeng was killed by Chu Feng, you did not even help plead for Ruozeng. Rather, you were leaning toward Chu Feng,” Kong Moyu said coldly.

“I trust you,” However, right at that moment, the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief spoke.

“Lord Clan Chief!!!” Kong Moyu’s expression changed enormously. He wanted to say something.

Before Kong Moyu could finish what he wanted to say, the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief swept his gaze across the crowd and asked, “To sacrifice himself for the sake of our clan, which among you all is capable of doing that?”

At that moment, everyone, including Kong Moyu, grew silent.

They all knew what sort of consequences they would have to bear if they were to personally shoulder the blame of killing Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

Not to mention that mysterious plain-clothed old monk, there might be many righteous individuals in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm that would start to chase after them to kill him.

Death would be the only way out.

However, that would not be the worst. Worst of all, their reputation would be completely swept away. This would even affect their descendants. As such, none of them wanted to shoulder such infamy.

Thus, it was as their clan chief said, none of them were capable of doing that.

“Merely, Elder Shunlian, are you really planning to do that? This would be extremely wrong of you to do, no?” The Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“Lord Clan Chief, this Shunlian only possesses an aged life. I will not be able to live for much longer anyways.”

“I have not done much for our clan in my life. If I am able to contribute greatly to our clan before my death, it would serve to settle a cherished desire that this old man has,” Kong Shunlian said.

“Since that’s the case, Elder Shunlian, when do you plan to act?” The Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“This matter is extremely important. It is better done sooner than later. I will let Chu Feng out today and kill him while escorting him away,” Kong Shunlian said.

“In that case, we will have to trouble Elder Shunlian with this. In the future, even if you are not part of our Kong Heavenly Clan on the surface, we will still secretly protect you,” The Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“No, after this matter is decided, I do not require any protection. Regardless of whether it is in name or in actuality, I will no longer be a member of the Kong Heavenly Clan.”

After he finished saying those words, Kong Shunlian directly walked out from the palace hall and began to proceed toward Chu Feng and Wang Qiang’s residence.

At that moment, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang were originally wholeheartedly setting up the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation.

However, with the sudden arrival of Kong Shunlian, the two of them had no choice but to conceal the spirit formation and go out to greet Kong Shunlian.

After Kong Shunlian entered the guest hall, he looked to his surroundings in a very stern manner. After he was certain that there was no one outside the palace monitoring them, ‘putt,’ Kong Shunlian kneeled before Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

“Senior, what are you doing?” Chu Feng and Wang Qiang had startled expressions.

“Little friend Chu Feng, little friend Wang Qiang, this old man is incompetent,” Kong Shunlian said with a very apologetic expression.

Chu Feng and Wang Qiang looked to one another. Then, they asked together, “Senior, exactly what has happened?”

Kong Shunlian actually did not try to conceal the truth, and began to tell Chu Feng and Wang Qiang exactly what had happened.

This included Grandmaster Prophet’s prophecy and the Kong Heavenly Clan’s decision, as well as him telling the Kong Heavenly Clan that he would personally kill Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

However, there was one thing that the Kong Heavenly Clan did not know. That was that he, Kong Shunlian, was not truly planning to kill Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

Rather, he was trying to seize this opportunity to safely escort Chu Feng and Wang Qiang out of the Kong Heavenly Clan.

“Preposterous! T-They a-actually want to kill us b-brothers be-because of a bullshit p-prophet’s p-p-prophecy. What utter ri-ridiculousness!” Wang Qiang felt endlessly furious.

“Indeed, it is ridiculous. However, it appears that the Kong Heavenly Clan have already decided,” Compared to Wang Qiang, Chu Feng was much more calm.

“Thus, you two must leave the Kong Heavenly Clan right now. I will escort the two of you out,” Kong Shunlian said.

“Senior, if you are to do that, you will be making an enemy of the Kong Heavenly Clan,” Chu Feng said.

“Heh…” At that moment, Kong Shunlian chuckled. It was a very profound laughter, “I have long since wanted to sever my relationship with this unrighteous and unjust clan. It’s merely because of my gratitude toward some of my seniors that I couldn’t bear to leave.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, little friend Wang Qiang, I am able to tell that you two are not people that would willfully slaughter innocents. I can tell that you are not malicious or evil.”

“I am the one that brought the two of you here. It is I who brought you two to this tiger’s den. As such, I should be the one to bring you two away. Else, this old man will not feel at ease.”

“Well then, there’s no need to continue to hesitate. The matter is already decided.”

“I will go and announce the matter of the two of you leaving the Kong Heavenly Clan right now. Then… I will escort the two of you out,” After Kong Shunlian said those words, he walked out.

“B-Brother, can we t-trust this old guy?”

“He wants the two of us to o-openly go out, he p-plans to have e-everyone know that we brothers are leaving the Kong Heavenly Clan.”

“B-but, w-what if he i-is to a-attack us in the shadows?”

“If t-the two of u-us are to die in the Kong Heavenly Clan, the Kong Heavenly Clan will have to shoulder the infamy.”

“If we are to die outside the Kong Heavenly Clan, it will be unrelated to the Kong Heavenly Clan,” Wang Qiang said to Chu Feng. He did not trust Kong Shunlian.

“What you are worried about is precisely what I am worried about.”

“But, throughout the entire Kong Heavenly Clan, who else other than Kong Shunlian are we able to trust?”

“If we are to trust him, it might be possible that he will really escort us out.”

“However, if we do not trust him, it will be as he said. The Kong Heavenly Clan will disregard everything to kill us.”

“If that’s the case, the two of us will really end up dying here,” Chu Feng said.

“T-Then, y-you are s-suggesting that w-we do as he says?” Wang Qiang asked.

“Let’s give it a try. If he is truly trustworthy, we will be able to safely escape. We will naturally also remember his grace.”

“However, if he schemes to kill us enroute, the two of us are not fish on the chopping block that he can easily slaughter either.”

As he said those words, Chu Feng took out his Evil God Sword and held it in his hand.

At that moment, the Evil God Sword trembled slightly, as if it understood everything. It began to emit layer upon layer of powerful aura that was transmitted through Chu Feng’s palm to Chu Feng.

It was as if the Evil God Sword was telling Chu Feng that it was prepared for a massacre.

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