Chapter 242 - The Day of the Arranged Battle

MGA: Chapter 242 - The Day of the Arranged Battle

Today was a grand day for the Azure Province’s second-rate school, the Azure Dragon School.

Almost all of the outer court disciples, inner court disciples, and even core disciples all stopped their cultivation outside and returned to the Azure Dragon School.

Because on the same day one year ago, a nameless young male who just entered the core zone challenged the number one disciple in the Azure Dragon School, Gong Luyun, and also arranged for a life and death battle that was going to happen today.

Normally, such a nameless young man would not be seen as important by Gong Luyun, nor valued by the elders and disciples from the Azure Dragon School.

However, that young man couldn’t avoid but be seen as important because he became the direct disciple of the...

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