Chapter 2316 - Loyal And Righteous

Chapter 2316 - Loyal And Righteous

“Don’t you blabber nonsense! It was clearly you who attacked me first!” Di Jiuzhou refuted.

“That’s right, it was that stutterer who attacked us first. As for that Chu Feng, he even killed senior brother Ma,” The disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion cried out in grievance.

“I e-even said t-that it was me w-who attacked first. H-however, w-what I have said is all t-true. I-if you d-don’t trust me, g-go ahead and a-ask them. T-they a-all saw what h-happened,” Wang Qiang pointed to the bystanders.

“Even if what you say is the truth, it remains that Chu Feng has killed senior brother Ma.”

“Lord Mansion Master, you must avenge senior brother Ma, you must obtain justice for us,” The Highlord’s Mansion’s disciples started to plead to their Mansion Master. It was as if they were truly the victims.

However, at this moment, the Highlord’s Mansion’s Mansion Master actually turned around and shouted angrily at those disciples,...

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