Chapter 2266 - Strange Smile

Chapter 2266 - Strange Smile

“Why would he enter the forbidden area? Furthermore, how did he know that Chu Feng had entered that forbidden area?” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master asked.

“Regarding that, this subordinate does not know about it. Merely, after he rushed out, he injured the elder that Lord Valley Master ordered to watch over him, and then began to directly proceed for that forbidden area,” That management elder said.

“Which forbidden area?” Su Jingrui hurriedly asked. At that moment, his face was also covered with nervousness. While he might not be worried for the safety of others, it would be impossible for him to not worry about Xu Yiyi’s safety.

“Follow me,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master did not bother with any more superfluous words. His body shifted as he soared into the sky. Su Jingrui followed closely behind him.

Merely, after the two of them arrived at the forbidden area, their expressions changed...

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