Chapter 2238 - The True Immortal’s Anger

Chapter 2238 - The True Immortal’s Anger

“Golden Crane True Immortal, do you not care about this matter?” Chu Feng raised his head toward the sky and asked loudly.

“Humph, you’ve decided to ask for the Golden Crane True Immortal’s assistance just because you can’t win against us? Seems like you only possess that bit of ability too,” Seeing that Chu Feng actually complained to the Golden Crane True Immortal, the Four World Spiritist Emperors’ expression changed.

They were not worried that Chu Feng would be able to break through their spirit formation, because they felt that it would be impossible for Chu Feng to break through their spirit formation.

However, they were still afraid of interference from the Golden Crane True Immortal. After all, when Chu Feng was beating down on their eldest brother, they had already, to a greater or lesser degree, realized that the Golden Crane True Immortal was secretly supporting Chu Feng.

Else, Chu Feng should have...

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