Chapter 2016 - Assimilation Failure

Chapter 2016 - Assimilation Failure

“Boy, are you planning to challenge us Five Immortals?”

After the three Immortal Profound Techniques were revealed, they looked to Chu Feng without much surprise. It seemed as if they all knew that they had fallen into Chu Feng’s possession. Furthermore, they knew what Chu Feng was planning to do.

“Seniors, please lend this junior your strength,” Chu Feng clasped his fist. Although the three figures before him were all secret skills, they were seniors in Chu Feng’s eyes.

After all, they were beings that had existed since the Ancient Era.

“Boy, this Immortal will not bother with superfluous words. That said, I do admire your courage.”

“Since you are determined, and have already assimilated the Water Immortal and Fire Immortal, you possess the qualifications to challenge us Five Immortals.”

“Thus, if you truly wish to attempt the challenge, you can start with...

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