Chapter 1984 - The Reversal Of The Battle

Chapter 1984 - The Reversal Of The Battle

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at the moment when Lord Luokong was about to despair, the sound of a strong wind sounded from afar. Black clouds surged forth. Contained within the black clouds was a majestic and boundless oppressive might. Furthermore, that oppressive might was rapidly approaching them.

Practically everyone fighting sensed that oppressive might. Upon turning their gazes towards the direction of the oppressive might, the expressions of everyone present changed enormously. They were all stunned.

That black cloud was composed of Martial Emperors, over a thousand Martial Emperors. They were Martial Emperors of all different levels of cultivation.

Not to mention rank one, rank two, rank three and rank four Martial Emperors, there were even many rarely-seen rank five and rank six Martial Emperors.

In fact, some among them were people that even Lord Luokong knew. They were grand characters whose names were already...

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