Chapter 1898 - Golden Lightning Piercing Through The Skies

Chapter 1898 - Golden Lightning Piercing Through The Skies

As if he were an inescapable net, Chu Feng began to carefully gather those astonishing organisms in the depths of the Immortal Pond.

He was planning to capture all of them in one go and not let a single one escape. After all, even if he were to let them remain, the Ancient Era’s Elves would not be able to capture them. As such, rather than wasting them, it was better for him to use them.

However, Chu Feng’s actions were taking a lot of time. While Xian Yuyin had managed to trigger six Golden Ancient Era’s Immortal Needles in merely two hours, Chu Feng had been in the waters for a total of sixteen hours now. Yet, there was still no sound of activity from him.

At that moment, the sky had already darkened, and it was now deep into the night. Although it was night, not only did the multi-colored brilliance of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond not decrease,...

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