Chapter 1864 - Super Expert

MGA: Chapter 1864 - Super Expert

“You actually managed to recognize me. That’s truly remarkable. In that case, please tell me who you are?” Ximen Baiyuan smiled coldly and confirmed his identity.

“Of course I recognize you. Not only that, I also remember how you were kowtowing and begging for forgiveness after having all of your front teeth broken and smashed apart at the Grand Slope’s Ancient Era’s Remnants,” Duan Jidao said with a light smile.

“What? Ximen Baiyuan’s front teeth were smashed apart by someone? Furthermore, he even kowtowed and begged for forgiveness?” The crowd felt great disbelief upon hearing those words. After all, Ximen Baiyuan was someone with an extraordinary status.

“What crazy and unfounded ravings are you talking about?! You’re simply slandering my reputation! Exactly who you are for you to dare to slander me like that?!” Ximen Baiyuan was extremely enraged, and his eyes grew blood-red. The reason...

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