Chapter 1846 - An Enormously Pleasant Surprise

MGA: Chapter 1846 - An Enormously Pleasant Surprise

Although Chu Feng had only approached the battlefield, and had not actually entered the battlefield, with his Heaven’s Eyes’ extremely powerful perceptive ability, Chu Feng was able to determine exactly who it was that was fighting.

There were three people fighting. Two among them were wearing black cloaks with a strange veined pattern on their clothes. That veined pattern was crimson red in color, and gave off the appearance of being dyed with blood. Furthermore, they were emitting a faint glimmer. It was extremely strange.

Other than those strange black cloaks, those two men were also wearing masks. Their masks were also pitch-black, and also had that strange crimson veined pattern on them. Adding onto their crimson-colored eyes, the two of them looked like two human-shaped monsters, two ghosts in the world of mortals.

With the two of them wearing the same outfit, they were naturally on the same battlefront. Furthermore, the two of them both possessed cultivations...

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