Chapter 1842 - Passing On By Force

MGA: Chapter 1842 - Passing On By Force

“The reason why Lord Duan Jidao was so enraged back then was because not only did the Duan Clan force the death of his lover, the corpse of his lover was actually unable to be found.”

“As such, Lord Duan Jidao suspected that the Duan Clan had destroyed his lover’s corpse. That was why he was so enraged, and ended up massacring his entire clan.”

“However, Song Yuheng’s grandfather had managed to find Lord Duan Jidao’s lover’s corpse. Although many years had passed, and she had already turned into bones, but her special long skirt was still the same as it was back then.”

“It was precisely because of that that Song Yuheng was thought so highly of by Lord Duan Jidao. When all's said and done, he was grateful toward Song Yuheng’s grandfather,” Yin Gongfu said.

“No wonder Song Yuheng’s father dares to speak to senior in such a manner. So he actually possesses backing. That said, Song Yuheng’s grandfather knew about senior Duan’s past?” Chu Feng asked.

“He didn’t. in fact, it was quite a coincidence. His grandfather...

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