Chapter 1736 - Weapon Biting Its Master

MGA: Chapter 1736 - Weapon Biting Its Master

“Coming,” Hearing those words, the Avaricious Immortal was overjoyed. His body shifted, and he arrived in the sky, standing amidst the vast clouds.

After he reached the clouds, his body began to change shape. He turned into an enormous gray wolf with a pair of bat wings on its back.

Not only did that enormous grey wolf possess a very ferocious appearance, it was also a hundred meters long. As its wings moved about, a violent wind was born. The violent wind blew away the vast clouds.

This ferocious grey wolf was formed of light, and it emitted a very special aura. The aura it emitted was capable of causing even the weather to change.

It turned out that not only was the Avaricious Immortal a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he was also a Divine Body. As a rank three Martial Emperor, his battle power was extremely strong after he unleashed his Divine Power. He was not at all weaker than the two Clan Chiefs.


Following a wolf’s...

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