Chapter 1658 - The Appearance Of The Witch

MGA: Chapter 1658 - The Appearance Of The Witch

“Followed my aura?”

Hearing that, Chu Feng came to realize how the White-browed Immortal had managed to find him. Merely, he did not expect the White-browed Immortal to know such a technique where he could find Chu Feng without the need of any imprint, and only needing his aura.

However, upon thinking about it, Chu Feng could understand that it was possible. Back then, in the Sealing Ancient Village, Chu Feng and those with him had managed to track the World Spiritist Alliance’s traitor through the use of a special spirit formation.

As for this White-browed Immortal, he was one of the Holy Land of Martialism’s ten greatest Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists. It was not surprising at all for him to have grasped such a technique.

Thus, it was Chu Feng who had been careless this time around. Merely, Chu Feng was feeling extremely unreconciled at being captured by the White-browed Immortal this quickly. He was even more unreconciled...

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