Chapter 1622 - Coldsnow Dagger

MGA: Chapter 1622 - Coldsnow Dagger

“Even though I am not someone with extraordinary talent, I still regard myself as quite a talented individual. I have been a rank nine Half Martial Emperor for many years. However, I have still not yet managed to sense the opportunity to break through to Martial Emperor. This has inevitably caused me to feel somewhat discouraged.”

“However, in these recent days, I have managed to faintly feel the opportunity to break through. Thus, I wish to find a place to enter closed-door training and attempt to break through.”

“As for exactly where I plan to go, I still do not know yet,” Hong Qiang said.

“That is a matter of happiness. Senior, congratulations!” Chu Feng immediately congratulated Hong Qiang.

Martial Emperor, this was not a realm that just anyone could reach.

Even though Martial Emperor and Half Martial Emperor differed in only a single word, the two of them were completely different realms.

In the Holy Land of Martialism, there were a lot of people who managed to...

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