Chapter 1620 - Mysterious Expert

MGA: Chapter 1620 - Mysterious Expert

“Release him!”

After Evildoer Tie captured Chu Feng, Aunt Lian appeared. Merely, at this moment, Aunt Lian’s body was covered with bloodstains and her aura was incomparably weak. It could be seen that she had been seriously injured.

“Release him? Why must I release him because you demand it? Who do you think you are? You are nothing more than trash, powerless to defend yourself. Today, all of you will die here. Don’t think any of you can escape here alive,” Evildoer Tie snorted coldly.

“Animal!” As Aunt Lian spoke, she was about to attack.


However, right after Aunt Lian started to move, Evildoer Tie’s palm penetrated into Chu Feng’s neck like a sharp blade. Even though he had only sliced through half of Chu Feng’s neck, he still caused an enormous amount of blood to splatter out from Chu Feng’s neck.


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