Chapter 1504 - Thinking About Eggy

MGA: Chapter 1504 - Thinking About Eggy

There was a large mountain behind the Cliff Village. The mountain was covered with birds, beautiful flowers, green grass and wildlife. Although it could not be considered to be extremely beautiful, it was still a piece of nature.

As Chu Feng looked at the mountain, he did not discover anything abnormal regarding it. However, his intuition told him that this mountain was extraordinary. Thus, Chu Feng used his Heaven’s Eyes to look at the mountain.

When Chu Feng looked at the mountain with his Heaven’s Eyes, the true identity of the mountain was revealed to him. This was no mountain at all. Instead, it was a protective formation. Not only did this protective formation possess a very strong defensive ability, it also possessed a concealing effect.

Using his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng became able to see through the mountain more and more clearly. Gradually, the mountain disappeared, and was replaced with a city.

This city was a bit special. The city’s bricks were yellow in color. However, red totems had been placed on the bricks. The red totems looked like flames. At a glance, the entire city appeared be constructed of raging flames. Yet, even with this color combination, it was not dazzling at all. Instead,...

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