Chapter 1502 - The Legend of the Yan Clan

MGA: Chapter 1502 - The Legend of the Yan Clan [1. Yan → Flame.]

“The Flame Emperor was a person who was fond of battle. Throughout his life, he defeated countless experts. Among them were humans, monstrous beasts and even the Ancient Era’s Elves. In every battle, he would obtain victory, and was never once defeated.”

"It could be said that before Emperor Qing’s birth, the Flame Emperor was the most fully deserving of being the strongest existence in that era.”

“As for the Yan Clan that the Flame Emperor belonged to, it could be said to have been the strongest human power in that era.”

“The Yan Clan does not possess a lot of clansmen. Their numbers are greatly inferior to that of the Four Great Imperial Clans. However, at that time, the Yan Clan had been an existence that not even the Three Palaces dared to provoke. Thus, there’s no need to mention the Four Imperial Clans or the Nine Powers.”

“As for that, it was all because of the Flame Emperor. The Flame Emperor had raised the status of and brought prosperity to his entire clan by himself.”

“However, at the moment when the Flame Emperor...

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