Chapter 1440 - One Word, Weak

MGA: Chapter 1440 - One Word, Weak

“Rank three Half Martial Emperor. With his cultivation, even Lin Yezhou and Qin Lingyun would not be worthy of mention before him.”

“Likely, there are no disciple's among all of the Nine Power’s disciples who could contend against him.”

“However, the Dongfang Imperial Clan was able to cultivate such a genius. From this, it could be seen that the Nine Powers are truly inferior to the Four Great Imperial Clans.”

Chu Feng sensed Dongfang Zexuan’s cultivation. Rank three Half Martial Emperor, this was the strongest person of his generation that Chu Feng had met so far. It could be said that this Dongfang Zexuan would truly reign superior among all of the members of the younger generation.

To be able to become a rank three Half Martial Emperor at such a young age, if he were to be given several more decades or centuries,...

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