Chapter 1436 - Fighting Side By Side

MGA: Chapter 1436 - Fighting Side By Side

There are two sides to everything. As this Sealing Sword was this miraculous, it was naturally also extremely difficult to control. For ordinary royal-cloak world spiritists, it would likely be extremely difficult to learn this spirit formation.

However, this was different for Chu Feng. He had been bestowed all of the spirit formations within the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram by Emperor Gong’s successor’s strand of aura.

This included even that most powerful World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation. Chu Feng was able to use that spirit formation at will too. Thus, the Sealing Sword was naturally nothing difficult for Chu Feng.

One hour. Using merely a single hour, Chu Feng finished setting up this miraculous Sealing Sword.

After the formation was completed, it turned into a ten meter long enormous sword. Then, being controlled by Chu Feng, it rapidly grew smaller in size, turning into a sword that was less than three feet long before landing in Chu Feng’s hand.

This was the miraculous aspect of this spirit formation, it was a sword capable...

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