Chapter 1400 - Already Arrived

MGA: Chapter 1400 - Already Arrived

“This is the actual defensive formation that I’ve set up. As for the one that you shattered earlier, it was merely a concealing formation.”

“As a world spiritist, you actually did not even know this?” Chu Feng stood within the golden rhinoceros and spoke with a beaming smile on his face.

“Humph, did you think that your insignificant talent of deliberately making things mysterious would be sufficient to allow you to win against me?”

“I can tell you this with certainty. Regardless of how calculating you might be, there will only be a single result in the end. That is, that you will be defeated and I will be the victor,” Chen Mu said coldly.

“Hah…” Faced with Chen Mu’s disdain, Chu Feng merely smiled and did not say anything. After that, Chu Feng lightly pointed his finger, and his golden rhinoceros snarled with a low voice.

“Roaarr~~~” After the snarl, the golden...

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