Chapter 1354 - Ancestral Worship Ceremony

MGA: Chapter 1354 - Ancestral Worship Ceremony

“Very well, at that time, we three siblings will let you know what it means to be true geniuses. At the same time, we will make sure that you are battered so badly that you will be inferior to dogs and pigs and you will not dare to step half a foot into our Sealing Ancient Village.”

“Oh, that’s right. You too, your end will be the same as his,” As Zhou Long spoke, he pointed his finger to Wang Qiang, who was watching the show behind Chu Feng.

“Ai, ai, ai, aiyah. Wh, what does this ha, have to do with me?” Wang Qiang spread his hands apart and said innocently.

However, Zhou Long completely ignored Wang Qiang. He turned around and prepared to leave. However, after several steps, he suddenly stopped and turned back around.

Then, he said to Grandpa Song and Granny Lin, “Oh, that’s right. Elders, a couple days from now, when this ancestral worship ceremony is over,...

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